"In life, you cannot determine what another person will do to you. You cannot control another person's action towards you or against you. The only thing you have control over are your own choices; what you decide to do for yourself and the wisdom you grasp for future application."

"Your choices are more powerful than any force in the world. Your choices are more powerful than any prophecy."


PHILOSOPHICAL penchant for wisdom!

Real-Life Stories

One of the most significant areas of Jeremiah's work is his writing. He employs a philosophical penchant for wisdom and an affinity for practical real life stories or anecdotes to communicate inspiring lessons for human upliftment. His regular social media posts are popular with people seeking for inspiration and ideas to construct a great future. He is currently the author of 7 books vis:

Take Off

Constructing the Future

Giant Leap

Game Changer

The Power of Mentorship

Wisdom Farm

Personal Branding

About ME

Jeremiah Buabeng is one of Ghana's leading motivational speakers. He is a multi-skilled professional who operates as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, preacher, author, corporate trainer, consultant and publisher.

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